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Hive: How to clear the contents of Hive CLI

Command You’re most likely familiar with the clear command to clear the contents of Unix /Linux shells. You can use a slightly modified version of this command to clear the contents of the Hive CLI. Keyboard Shortcut Alternatively, the following keyboard shortcut can be used to clear the contents of the Hive CLI.

Hive: How to display column names in SELECT statement output

If you’re executing any SELECT statement on Hive cli, only the rows are displayed. The column names are not displayed by default. To show the column headers, print.header property needs to be set to true. This can be done with the following statement. By default, the output of SELECT statement will not have any column […]

Find the version of Apache Hive from Command Line Interface (CLI)

The version of Apache Hive can be retrieved from Command Line. You don’t have to navigate through the configuration files or browse through the User Interface. There are two commands that can be used from Command Line to obtain the version of Apache Hive. COMMAND #1 This command follows the popular convention used by other […]

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