What is Cloud Computing?

We hear the term “Cloud Computing” a lot in the media, advertisements, news and in memes. Cloud Computing has continuously been a trending term throughout the last decade. But what does cloud computing mean?

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Cloud computing is the offering of computing as a service. Consumers can pay the cloud computing service for on-demand use of the computing resources. The computing resources could be servers, storage, databases, networking, machine learning, internet of things, robotics, or even quantum computing.

Cloud computing has several analogies with car rental. With car rental, we rent a car whenever we need to use it instead of buying the car. Likewise, with cloud computing, we rent the computing resources instead of buying them. Some of the similarities between car rental and cloud computing include “pay per use”, “on-demand”, “low maintenance”, “wide selection” and “scalability”.

Checkout the below video explaining Cloud Computing in an easy to understand way using analogies with Car Rental.

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